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Taiwan CTCI Corp. Remains ENR’s Top 100 International Engineering Companies for 7 Straight Years, Rankings Soared Up in 2022

Engineering News-Record (ENR), a prestigious magazine covering on the construction industry, has released its 2022 global engineering company rankings. For seven years straight, CTCI is among both the top 100 “international contractors,” “global contractors,” and top 100 “international design firms” from over 200 companies selected in each category. 

This year, these three rankings have significantly improved (as shown in table below). In addition, CTCI Corp. has also attained its best record as “international contractor.” These demonstrate CTCI Corp.’s continued success in global markets.

Each year, ENR surveys and ranks engineering companies worldwide, which is credible and serves as important indicator for the industry. Judged by a company’s annual sales revenue in the previous year, the rankings for design firms and contractors are each divided into two categories: "international," which judges a company according to its overseas revenues, and "global," which judges a company according to its revenue from domestic and overseas projects combined.

In recent years, CTCI Corp. has made constant efforts to grow its businesses and enhanced its presence in global markets. This is the reason why it is able to stand among the top 100 international engineering companies to this day.

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