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Taiwan Group Chairman John T. Yu Receives the HBR Digital Transformation Leadership Award for CTCI’s Achievement in Green Engineering Projects

TAIPEI, September 29, 2022- The results of the 2022 “Digital Transformation Award” survey of the world renowned Harvard Business Review (HBR) global traditional Chinese edition were announced. John T. Yu, Group Chairman of CTCI, led the Group to successful digital transformations and was awarded the “Digital Transformation Leadership” award. He attended the award ceremony on September 29 to receive the recognition.

The award is co-sponsored by HBR and the leading enterprise management company, SAP. A team of academic and industrial experts is invited to fully evaluate the digital transformation performance of companies and leaders. John T. Yu, Group Chairman of CTCI, successfully led CTCI through digital transformations with the vision, strategies, and ideals of the core corporate values. The results received wide recognition. Group Chairman Yu stated that as the leading company in Taiwan’s engineering sector, CTCI has continuously refined and used new digital technologies for more than 40 years. The company has successfully completed countless “green engineering projects” around the world. In terms of the business model, the company went from traditional oil refining and petrochemical industries to the high-tech industry. “Digital transformations” can be said to be the key of CTCI’s growth into a turnkey engineering company that is “number 1 in Taiwan and one of the top 100 in the world".

The achievements of CTCI’s digital transformations include using iEPC (intelligent engineering, procurement, and construction) platform to automate and digitize the changes and updates to each individual stage of the EPC processes, and expanding the excellent results to the development of digital twin technology. Virtual plants are also established during the construction of physical plants, achieving the digitalization goals for full project lifecycles and leading the engineering industry in digital transformations. In terms of logistics management and global talent cultivation, the development of the iManagement platform can reduce repetitive labor and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of logistics services. The establishment of the “CTCI University” has created a “borderless and real-time” training program for the 7,000 employees of the Group, in order to cultivate international perspectives and diverse developments among the globalized talent, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of national engineering competence.

CTCI is committed to becoming “A Guardian of Sustainable Earth.” The company continues to refine digital technologies and establish “green engineering projects” to strengthen competitiveness and accelerate global business expansion. In recent years, it has successfully entered the new fields of offshore wind power, solar power, and high-tech businesses, which have bright development potential. CTCI promises to continue being “the most reliable global engineering services provider” in the future and contribute to the sustainability of the Earth.

Group Chairman John T. Yu is honored with the HBR Digital Transformation Leadership Award.

Group Chairman Yu receives the award from Deputy Minister Huai-jen Lee, Ministry of Digital Affairs.

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