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  • 25/12/2015
    CTCI Vietnam Football Winter Cup 2015
    Unlike previous annual football championships which used to take place in summer – the ideal time for sport activities, this is the first time CTCI Vietnam change the rule to make it in winter and CTCI Vietnam Football Winter Cup was getting started. Due to this year tournament is held late at year end, all football teams are in the over-excited mood waiting for opening day. CTCI Vietnam Winter Cup has become the hottest outdoor activity ever.

    Six teams have joined in this competition, namely as Civil, Electrical, Instrument, Equipment, Old Piping and Young Piping. At the beginning of the season, five out of six teams show to be potential champion of 2015 while Instrument is expected as “Black Horse” with breakthroughs surprise. Anyway, who wins championship title is still a hidden number.

    Football is not ashamed to be the king of sports as it always creates surprise at the last moment. Yet, when the elimination round ends, no surprise is made from Instrument while the giant Electrical seems exhausted at life-or-death moments. As the famous words from a coach in Barclays Premier League: “The champion beats all!”, that’s why Equipment and Young Piping with their insatiable winning thirst are worthy presence in the finale.

    Looking back history in 2014, Equipment surpassed Young Piping in both two matches (one in elimination round and one is the finale) and won the championship. This year’s final match, once again, is also the fierce confrontation between two old rivals. Who will be the winner?

    Everyone is ambitious for the noble title. It is proved by thorough preparation of both teams. Equipment did not hesitate to spare a huge budget to buy back the most wanted player – Mai Huy Minh – from Electrical team to join their squad. On the other side, Young Piping, with slogan “Experience is the best teacher”, invested a lot of money to rent a playing ground for practicing day and night.

    The game starts, Thanh Dong ground is full of CTCI Vietnam crazy fans and “hooligans”. Equipment and Young Piping enter the match with the finest spirit and highest determination. However, it seems that both teams want to lead the game to a goalless tie and make a fight in penalty area. Finally, Young Piping with cooler heads and a little fortune wins the match against Equipment, officially takeover the cup from their predestined competitor and once again be example of famous sentence: “Form is temporary. Class is forever.”

    “On the pitch, we are all solid players; out of pitch, everyone becomes colleagues.”, a Piping member excitedly shares. The party cannot be more eventful with 70 participants. CTCI Vietnam Deputy General Director Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung and Engineering Director Mr. Louis also spend their time in sharing happiness with football teams. All of dispute and aggressiveness we left behind the touchline of the ground. Here is only friendship and sportsmanship existing forever once the championship closes.

    We would like to spend final words to those making considerable success to CTCI Vietnam Winter Cup. Without great support from CTCI Vietnam BOD, fair-play of players and enthusiasm from fans, CTCI Vietnam Winter Cup 2015 is not able to be successfully taken place as such. Closing this season, we are looking forward to many more fascinating sport activities in CTCI Vietnam in the coming years.

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