1          Background

2          Working in Piping Department

3          Contributions to Projects

4          Admiration from Colleagues

5          Best Employee of Quarter I/2018

  • Full name: Tran Van Huong
  • Occupation: Piping Engineer – Firefighting group
  • Time to work in CTCI Vietnam: 7 years and 3 months
  • Winner of CTCI Vietnam Best Employee of QI/2018



Tran Van Huong (also called ‘Huong’) was born in 1987 in Nam Dinh and grown up as the eldest in a nuclear family. In 2005, he entered Thai Nguyen University of Technology to study Mechanical Engineering. After 5 hardworking years, he graduated with a wealth of knowledge about mechanical and automation engineering; mastering mechanical softwares and English competency.

Huong is the eldest brother in his family which brings his younger brother and sister, therefore the young man he soon became independent and determined in order to be able to support family livings. After leaving the university, Huong firstly worked in Manufacturing Innovation Department of Canon Vietnam. However, this mechanical engineer still desired to pursue his true dream that be involved in big industrial projects, which motivated him to apply for a job in CTCI Vietnam Co., Ltd.


On March 15, 2011, Tran Van Huong officially became a Piping engineer of CTCI Vietnam after successfully surpassing dozens of other heavyweight candidates. “At that time, Taiwanese company is something not familiar and attractive to Vietnamese job seekers compared to Japanese or Korean, however, my such thinking was entirely changed right after I first stepped into CTCI Vietnam. The working environment is very professional and disciplined, yet the atmosphere is indeed warm and welcomed”, Huong shared when he remembered the past days.

It may not be overstated that Piping is the department of iron discipline thanks to their strict management team. In the words of Huong, Piping engineers share the slogan “Work hard, Play hard”. If you have chance to go across his department in working time, it is not hard to see how greatly Piping members focus on their work. With competitive working spirit like this, Piping has donated many talents and most of CTCI Vietnam Best Employee winners have come from this strong team. “And I’m particularly proud to be a Piping member”, Huong confidently bares.

From the left: CTCI Vietnam Engineering Director, Tran Van Huong (the winner), CTCI Vietnam General Director, CTCI Vietnam Piping Manager


In Piping, Huong has a nickname as “A Piping Fireman” because he is assigned to be in charge of the firefighting work for almost of projects since he is the master of this complicated field. Le Trung Kien, Piping Department Manager said: “Our talent team have supported owners to design many firefighting systems for many plants such as Nam Son Industrial Waste Power Generation System, NANYA Sticking tape factory construction project, Formosa air separation unit project.. During the 2018 first quarter, Huong is extremely busy to prepare design drawings for Maxihub project following owner’s schedule and request, while he still need to take care all of quotation projects related to firefighting design such as Incineration Plant with HITACHI ZOSEN, FOXCON expansion plant, etc. In every assignment, Huong is  always willing to do his best to finish it with utmost perfect result. As we all know, fully understanding of TCVN and international code plays very important part in this field. Different factories have different requirements for firefighting system. Therefore, Huong must spends a lot of time to study technical codes to apply to his design. Till now, most of his design was highly appreciated by owner and on good operation.”

Sharing the same opinion with Manager Kien, Truong Le Hung, job leader of Maxihub project also agree that Huong is the vital part of Firefighting team. Maxihub is a special project where the owner strictly requires CTCI Vietnam’s engineers to have to have deep knowledge of local technical codes to make sure all drawings followed with local regulations.


Not only receiving compliments from managers, Huong also gets sincere love from his team members. Nguyen Tai Dat, a Piping engineer who once worked with Huong in a project, revealed: “Huong is a confident person who can intelligently handle in every situation. Especially, he owns such an efficient time management skill that enables him to work for three projects at the same time with very few overtime hours, which other engineer can seldomly cover.” In daily life, Huong shows his friendliness, fairplay and passion in all activities. Dat also added that, Huong is a guy who you can trust in.

Being happy when asked about Huong, Dao Duy Dong, also a member from firefighting group, confirmed: “Huong is not only my colleague, but an old friend who shared the days with me in the university hall. Entering CTCI Vietnam and seeing Huong again after a long time, nothing in him has changed. Working with him in many projects, I can learn a lot, from his work management, inquiring mind in material research and analysis, solid understanding of piping layout and even other unspecialized subjects like HVAC, Civil, Electrical, etc. I’m happy and proud to have him in firefighting group; and I hope that he will continue making another contribution to our group that pushes firefighting become a strong team in Piping department.”


On May 17, 2018, Tran Van Huong becomes the next name to be raised for the Best Employee of Quarter I/2018. Receiving the certificate from CTCI Vietnam General Director, Huong sends his warmest thanks to Piping manager Mr. Kien and deputy manager Mr. Duan for their dedicated leading and support, and “wish CTCI Vietnam soon to be invincible and win more and more projects to become the leading engineering service provider in Vietnam”.

Someone once said “Judge a man by his work”, it’s exceptionally true to Tran Van Huong. His invaluable helping hand is widely recognized by company and colleagues; and the title Best Employee comes to him as natural as the breath.

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