CTCI Vietnam’s Services

Year 2001 marked an initial point for CTCI Vietnam. Since then, through years of development and experience accumulation in numerous projects, CTCI Vietnam has been well-known with good reputation and prestige as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)
contractor in the domestic and overseas markets. This success has been achieved mainly thanks to the fine-tuned corporate strategies and the superior leadership of CTCI Vietnam’s management, in addition to the continued efforts from staff members.
As always, CTCI Vietnam is making every effort to strengthen it technical capabilities and core competence, with the aim to realize its vision — “To become a leading internationalized provider of engineering services in Vietnam” in the nearest future.

As an EPC contractor active in Vietnam and overseas marketplace, CTCI Vietnam can serve its valued customers with its best solutions that include:

Engineering Design (E)

  • Process Design Assistance
  • Piping Design
  • Equipment Design
  • Civil Design
  • Instrument and Control Design
  • Electrical Design

Engineering Design takes a significant and decisive role in the success of each project. It is also regarded as a core element for a local engineering company upgraded to be a world-class EPC contractor. In order to optimize CTCI Vietnam’s Engineering Service, complying with technical and engineering standards as well as utilizing advanced software is a must. CTCI Vietnam keeps focusing on training and improving engineers’ capabilities. Moreover, CTCI Vietnam is continuously engaged in the research and development for the engineering software, and equipped with advanced equipment to meet operational requirements.

Through years of engagement in various projects, CTCI Vietnam has built up its capabilities in Detail Engineering Design for projects of any scale in the refinery, petrochemical, chemical, Electrical, Environment, and other industrial fields. Furthermore, as CTCI Vietnam has been cooperating with its parent company – CTCI Corporation other foreign companies to undertake the jobs related to basic design and feasible study, CTCI Vietnam has transferred overseas experience and technologies to boost its core competence. By 2009, CTCI Vietnam engineers can be fully in charge of full scope engineering work for many local and overseas projects. Currently, CTCI Vietnam keeps improving its brand name by steadily involving in EPC projects.

Procurement (P)

CTCI Vietnam constantly provides its services with a sound procurement plan, tailored for each project. The procurement plan corporate detailed process, policies and guidelines, which plays an important role in the initial phase of a project life cycle. CTCI Vietnam is always taking steady step into procurement, evaluating and selecting material vendors domestically to reach cost-effective objective and result in best value. CTCI Vietnam dispatched key engineers to CTCI Corporation, Taipei on a regular basis to support project team, improve knowledge and share hands-on experience in this field. CTCI Vietnam will be surely more active and specialized in the procurement sector.

Construction (C)

  • Site Management
  • Sub-contractor Management
  • Supervision of Engineering Design
  • Supervision of Construction Work
  • Safety Management

In addition to quality services that satisfy our customers, the safety and health of those staffs allocated at job sites are still of our utmost concern. To this end, CTCI Vietnam always comply with the highest standard specified in the relevant rules and regulations to safeguard employees’ safety and health while executing project. Besides, CTCI Vietnam is dedicated to promoting environmental protection, fulfilling its commitment for a better future.

With the motto: “Safety & Quality First”, CTCI Vietnam persistently upgrades its capability in the construction segment, while dedicating itself to Safety, Health and Environmental Protection (SHE) so that we can offer best services to fit any scales of projects.

Project Management (PM)

  • Overall Planning and Schedule Control
  • Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC)
  • Budget Estimation and Control

The Project Team of CTCI Vietnam is responsible for direct management on the whole project from preparing bidding documents, setting up plans, organizing project team to executing each project, according to the contract. In addition, looking for appropriate sub-contractors to coordinate and cooperate with for working on the project together is of extreme importance. Besides, our Project Team is also devoted to formulating proper proposals in order to avoid any risks occurred and to streamline the schedule.

CTCI Vietnam always provides suitable services, together with professional experience and upgraded expertise for various projects. CTCI Vietnam is also capable to support main contractor in managing and supervising the project on progressing. With dynamic workforce and joint efforts, CTCI Vietnam is growing fast and can secure its competitive position in Vietnam.