Stephen King once said: “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” Stephen is always right! Victory is never for a lazy man. And our Best Employee of Quarter II/2018 is obviously a hardworking person. We find to talk with him after he got the honorable title this quarter and we would like to share our talk in limited words below, in hope that his impressive achievements will become a powerful motivation for you, possible next CTCI Vietnam Best Employee.

Quan receives honor Award from General Director (right) and Deputy General Director (left)

Nguyen Hong Quan, our winner coincidently becomes project leader as a destined engagement. Mr. Le Trung Kien, Piping manager shares: “In the second quarter of 2018, Piping department is flooding with work. We have three big projects LIWA, Maxihub and Rapid P28 going to the end, which attains most of senior piping engineers. Beside these projects, we still have many important quotation and new projects need executing. In order to solve the shortage of leader positions for these kinds of projects, we must assign young engineers to handle it the urgent need of project requirement.” This is a challenging task but undoubtedly a golden chance for our young and determined engineer “step on the stage and show what he ever had”. Up til now, when one of projects led by Quan finished, Mr. Kien feels deeply proud: “He is really a suitable candidate to rescue this situation.”

Quan has started his career as a Piping engineer since 2010. For eight years working here, what we often remember in him is his calm, certainty and high principle. Quan rarely makes him different and shown off in the crowd. But like someone says “Right job selects right person”, Quan has found his own “weapon to fight” and a plan to “get on field” that others might not possess. The strongest point of Quan is he never gives up. If something failure, he will do it again and again, until finding the result. Receiving the total trust of Piping management, Quan has been leading two projects: Foxconn and ADNOC quotation which both are very urgent and required in short time. To meet project schedule and quality, Quan faces many big challenges that he has never experienced before. Pham Thi Lan Huong, a piping engineer who once got the Best Employee of the year 2017 shares: “One of a must to become a good piping engineer is to have wide knowledge not only in piping but also in civil engineering, instrumentation and so on, or saying in another way is to learn a lot of technical knowledge. Quan is one of them. He always spends time looking in, has detail plan to get the job done in the best possible way and be willing to share it with everyone. It’s the reason why everyone is very assured when working with him.”

Quan shows his happiness to work at construction site

Huong is not wrong when making compliments to our winner of this quarter. This is the first time Quan works as a project leader, however, this responsible engineer doesn’t make any disappointment. He fulfills all superintendent’s assignments, delegations and finishes them appropriately, from simple 2D drawing sketch work to leader’s role. And with construction site experiences and lessons learnt, he has advised in many situations and design cases with suitable suggestions. Entering CTCI Vietnam one year later than Quan’s, Tran Manh Quynh shows his happiness to work with Quan for a long time. “Quan is a gentle and friendly with everyone. He is so friendly that I think no one can be angry or unsatisfied with him for long. He is also caring, when we went abroad for working, he always prepared meals for all of expatriates. Beside a friend, Quan is also my first teacher on the days I just entered CTCI Vietnam.” In the eyes of Quan, CTCI Vietnam is also a “wonderful environment for who wants to be brilliant engineers”, he reveals his gladness when holding the certificate of Best Employee.

The story of Quan coincidentally reminds us a famous slogan “It’s not important of what you have. It’s what you’ve done with what you have.” Quan says he is a normal person with no strong points, but we believe that he is smart enough to make zero to hero. And with all of devotions he creates for Piping projects in particular and CTCI Vietnam company in general, today we would like to send our sincerest thanks to him. In the title grant ceremony, Quan still talks less, sometimes smile and receives congratulations from Board of Directors and colleagues. But we know that, whenever falling to work, this reserved man will become an unbeatable soldier who continuously persists in success finding.

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