In the first Quarter of 2015, we conducted an interview with CTCI Vietnam Best Employee of this Quarter, Mr. Dang Bien Thuy from Instrument Department. At that time, he once bared to us that “The life of an engineer is like a train which runs along the rail track and stops at certain stations upon a fixed schedule. My train has finally reached the station named Victory.” When sharing this to us, Thuy definitely knew that this would have never been the last station which he arrived at. His journey is still going on because “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win”. It’s totally true! The winner always has detail plan to work; and this is the reason why after exact 4 years, Thuy once again writes his name on the Honor List to become the Best Employee of Quarter I/2019.

Thuy is working at Rapid P1 Project which is located in Malaysia

From August 2017 until now, Thuy is working as a DCS (Distributed Control System) engineer for Rapid P1 project Malaysia site. Regarding his work, the operating control system is divided into 3 main systems: ESD (emergency shutdown system), F&G (fire and gas system) and DCS (distributed control system), of them, Thuy is responsible for DCS system which is the most complicated one and takes up a large part of the control system because it is the complex of many input calculation controllers to produce a satisfactory output. He mainly works with the operator FAR131 and FAR132. As we have already known, P1 RFCC (Residue Fluid Catalic Cracker) is a very important package of the Rapid factory complex and regarded as “the heart” of the project. Since CTCI Vietnam receives absolute trust from the owner, many CTCI Vietnam engineers have been dispatched to join the project chain such as Construction, DCS, Package and Compressor. Involved in this special project, CTCI Vietnam engineers have excellent chances to experience many new tasks, ranging from installation process to system commissioning stage. According to Le Dinh Trieu, an Instrument engineer who is working with Thuy for P1 project, Thuy is perfectly trusted by the owner for his work quality owning to his meticulosity and carefulness. This is the reason why Thuy comes along with P1 for nearly 2 years and no one can replace his position until the end of the project.

Two strong points that easily to be recognized while talking with Thuy are his smart and broad social knowledge. Trieu said, P1’s colleagues often call Thuy a lovely name “Mr. Wiki” because he knows everything and is always willing to help. Especially in work, Thuy can immediately suggest an exact number when his colleagues are in need of help for system calculation. Thuy leaves a good impression on Vietnamese people who are brilliant and sociable in the eyes of foreign co-workers. Therefore, Thuy gains a lot of respect and love from his owner and co-workers coming from Thailand and Malaysia. Thuy is as busy as a bee. Except for some days of home vacation, he has never been absent for a single day since the very first day when he joined P1 project. When being asked about the reason, our winner smiled and replied positively: “I know clearly my role and responsibility here. I’m afraid that my minor mistake or late response may cause unfortunate accident to people and equipment. So I’m always available and ready for any requirement.”

Someone once said ‘Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit’. This reminds me to keep trying and look forward, P1 project has been run for nearly 2 years and we even do not know exactly when the project finishes. It would be a lie to say that I don’t miss my family; but above all, work shall be put priority. I understand that not many people were given this precious chance to participate in such an interesting project like me. Thus, I cannot drop this opportunity. After coming home, I will offset for my wife and kids later. On this occasion, I also would like to send my gratitude to CTCI Vietnam Instrument colleagues who have been with me at P1 site. Beside the work, they share with me all happiness and difficulties here. Living in a far foreign country is not so easy while people come from many other cultures and take along with them different lifestyles. Without CTCI Vietnam’s teammates, I will never dream of this sweet victory as such. Without CTCI Vietnam’s managers, I also cannot have an excellent opportunity to undergo precious experiences that I have in Rapid P1.”

Thuy only can find some minutes to talk with us about his gladness for the victory before quickly coming back to his huge amount of work which is up to his ears. We are proud of CTCI Vietnam warriors, who always fling themselves into tasks regardless of any challenges and hardship. Be open to opportunities, success will not be something out of the reach if we work will all our hearts and mind.

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