An interesting thing about CTCI Vietnam Talent Recognition Program is that the winning opportunity is equal to all people, including those who have ever won the award already. In CTCI Vietnam there are quite a few individuals who have been awarded the title Best Employee twice. This quarter, we recorded another such case. He was ever honored to win this prize in the third quarter of 2015 and exactly three years later, his name was once again raised. We met this special character very for a while after he returned from Taiwan and is still pretty busy to continue his project. Below story is self-told by Le Quoc Hiep, a brilliant Instrument engineer –  the Best Employee of Q3/2018, for the second time.

Le Quoc Hiep received the certificate and award from CIMAS General Director

I started the LIWA project in August 2016 and it’s been so far 2 years and 4 months. This is the “longest” design phase of a project I have participated in since entering CTCI Vietnam. As I know, LIWA is also the largest project CTCI ever received with the capital investment of 2.8 billion dollars; and joint venture with CBI with the rate of 50-50. There are four engineering centers located in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, India and Taiwan. My project instrument team also includes members from Vietnam, India, Thailand, Taiwan and China.

This is a large-scale and heavy-workload project, yet taken by quite few people, so a person normally must be in charge of 2 to 3 items at the same time. Up to now, I’ve never thought that I could work  with an average intensity of 10 hours per day for more than a year like that. Every early morning, I spent 15 to 20 minutes to arrange the work, what should be done first, what can be left later … At that time, I always told myself to  try my best to meet the schedule and quality. And if I can overcome it, it will drive me forward.

One of the great things when joining LIWA is that I have opportunities to work with great colleagues. Everyone was busy, but we always tried to support each other. In the final stage, one group had gone to the factory for acceptance test in Europe while another came to Oman project site. In spite of the different time zones, we still worked together via a group chat, supported each other as soon as possible to solve everything. It was my colleagues that motivated and inspired me to go ahead during LIWA execution.

One more thing I like is that I was working with many European colleagues from CBI, one of the most prestigious contractors in the world. Working with them, I perceived and learnt a lot from their working manner and working handle. Their way to organize work methodically and scientifically, which helps the thing be solved very quickly and accurately. Another important thing is that the engineer must be fluent in English if he wants to handle large international projects such as LIWA. I think without the experience and skills accumulated from the previous projects, I could hardly meet the requirements of the LIWA project.

Within 2 years working for LIWA, I have received many positive things in work, but in return I had to sacrifice my family. The  person who suffered most was my wife. I got married when LIWA had started for 2 months. A few months later, my wife was pregnant. The project required me to work abroad for a long time, thus, the time for my wife was, therefore, limited. It is really a disadvantage for both of us. I think my wife was in the same situation with many other “wives” whose husbands were on long business trips like me. I would like to give this honor prize to my beloved partner. If it hadn’t been for her support, I could have been able to  focus all my mind on work like that.

Le Quoc Hiep with his wife in Taipei

After busy working time, I often joined CTCI table tennis club  while living and working in Taipei. Two times per week, on Thursday and Friday, I was almost not absent. Here do we have both young and old people; all of them were  very friendly and cheerful. This was my favorite activity because it not only helped me to exercise but also made me feel relaxed after work. In Taipei,  I was also fortunate to attend big music shows performed by famous playbands, especially Rock ones, my great passion because Taipei is a favorite destination for famous bands. After watching music show like that, I felt more energetic to continue my work.

Listening Hiep’s story, we are suddenly thought of a famous by from Steve Jobs: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Hiep wins the admiration and trust of all coworkers because all he has done always comes from his warm heart and brilliant mind.  Hiep has just finished his consecutive assignment on LIWA Project in Taipei for engineering design phase. Thanks to his good performances in LIWA project, Mr. Yu-Hung Su, leader of LIWA project in Taipei continuously recommended Hiep to become an Instrument Field Engineer for LIWA from November 2018. The next destination of dreams is Oman; let’s send him beautiful wishes and the finish line is not far anymore.

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