On September  17th 2018, the CTCI Vietnam Transfer Ceremony has been successfully held between the incoming General Director Mr. Chen, Han-Chung and the outgoing General Director Mr. Lin, Shih-Pei of CTCI Vietnam Company Limited. In the witness of Mr. Li, Ting-Kuo – CTCI Deputy CEO cum CTCI Vietnam Vice Chairman – and all CTCI Vietnam management team, the company seal has been returned from Mr. Lin, Shih-Pei to Mr. Li, Ting-Kuo and after that, Mr. Li, Ting-Kuo has transferred it to Mr. Chen, Han-Chung.

CTCI Vietnam seal has been returned from outgoing GD Lin to Vice Chairman TK Li

In this significant ceremony, Mr. Li, Ting-Kuo – who was previously CTCI Vietnam General Director from 2010-2012 – cannot hide his special feelings when once again coming back CTCI Vietnam, his second home. He shares, “I’m very happy to come back CTCI Vietnam and see everyone here. Some years ago, Mr. Chen and I worked together and I received a lot of support from him in engineering management. And now, I think Mr. Chen needs to come back CTCI Vietnam again to shoulder a higher responsibility as the General Director. I would like to send my gratitude to Mr. Lin and believe Mr. Chen will be an elite successor.”

CTCI Vietnam Vice Chairman TK Li transferred company seal to new GD Mr. Chen

In response to the appreciation of CTCI Vietnam Vice Chairman, Mr. Lin, Shih-Pei also expresses his emotional feelings when he has to say goodbye CTCI Vietnam after 2 years of working. He is grateful for the valuable supports that all CTCI Vietnam members have placed in him and assures that Mr. Chen will be an exemplary leader of CTCI Vietnam to serve esteemed clients better for years to come.

Receiving many wishes and trust, Mr. Chen, CTCI Vietnam new General Director reveals his happiness and strong determination as a drastic leader leading CTCI Vietnam forward. The ceremony has closed in a very warm atmosphere, sincere wishes and long-standing commitment of both CTCI Vietnam leaders and employees.

CTCI Vietnam Board of Directors and management team shares happy and remarkable moments

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