When Mr. Le Trung Kien, CTCI Vietnam Piping department manager decided to select Bui Nhu Quynh as the nominee for the Best Employee of Quarter 4/2018, he had written a 500 word recommendation piece, in which he stated: “Although Quynh is a young engineer, but he has experienced variety of works, continuously studied new knowledge and finished his duties with high appreciation of all his supervisors. The site experience of Quynh will be very useful to develop Piping Department and CTCI Vietnam Company in this stage. Through observing his very impressive performance, especially in this quarter, I am confident that every people will vote for him as the CTCI Vietnam Best Employee of Q4/2018″. Such a long and detailed appraisal is the best way to show us how our irreplaceable “hero” comes in this quarter. Let’s “decode” this special character!

Quynh is working hard at Oman LIWA project site

Until now, Piping Department has contributed most of Best Employees to the company and Quynh is the most junior among them. I have been working at CTCI Vietnam for nearly 7 years, starting from March 2012. CTCI Vietnam is indeed the first and the only company I have worked for since my university graduation. Of my recruitment campaign, the number of candidates applying to the company was extremely large, around 200 applicants and only 15 engineers would be selected. I thought I was really lucky. After being accepted into the company, my experience was nearly zero but with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, I were ready to get into the project right after the training time

A 32 year-old engineer might be lucky when he sat for the recruitment test but the road he has been walking in CTCI Vietnam cannot be attached with luck forever. With only 7 years of experience, but Quynh has joined several projects with diversified works from 3D modeling to piping detail design in CCP PN2, LR 2, TAMC C5, Rapid P1 and LIWA projects. In 2016, he was transferred to Material Section to study and work in Material field. In this field, he has joined Dak-Nong Aluminum Smelter and Maxihub projects. After that, he was assigned to go to Taipei to do pre-commissioning work for LIWA project. During the first two months working for LIWA project in Taipei, Quynh demonstrated so outstanding and brilliant performance that Taipei project manager decided to offer him working at site 5 more months. Non-stop there, Quynh was the only CTCI Vietnam Piping engineer to be selected to Oman LIWA jobsite which is well-known as the best professional and sophisticated construction site that CTCI group has ever run.

Thanks to dedicated and passionate engineer like Quynh, Piping Department are now capable to handle many piping engineering works with high requirements from the clients.  Aiming at gaining more experience of field engineering, site supervising, pre-commissioning and commissioning works, Piping engineers are always willing to go to construction jobsite. Bui Nhu Quynh  is really such a typical example for that. Talking to Quynh, we found that he is not only a simple person but also a very humble guy. He repeatedly says that his “fruit” of today has been brought by luck and destiny. But Colin Powell once said: “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. It’s undeniable that Quynh’s effort and determination are his precious assets to help him take up the top of honor like today.

There is a fun fact that Quynh was the last CTCI Vietnam member to know the result of Best Employee of Quarter 4/2018. It’s understandable because at that time, he was too busy working in far away Oman. Never think this achievement is nurtured by himself, Quynh always make compliments to his beloved teamwork. “Today, Piping department is much different from it in the past. More mature, more experienced, more understanding so we can easily co-operate well with each other to make a strong and united team. One thing cannot be changed is we live as a family with variety of outdoor activities, taking care when someone gets sick, etc. More especially, Piping leaders are very closed and easy-going that treat us as their younger brothers. I think I will not find any other place that where my devotion is well recognized more than CTCI Vietnam.”

At CTCI Vietnam 2018 Year-End Party, the name Bui Nhu Quynh was called out to be the Best Employee of Quarter 4/2018 in warm applause of every CTCI Vietnam members. Although he could not be there to personally receive the certificate and award from CTCI Vietnam General Director and to see his colleagues’ happiness and pride over his winning, but it’s not a big matter because we all know that the mission of CTCI Vietnam heroes is to set his footprint all over the world and build more and more valuable works.

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