“Mr. Ready”

We would like to call him a nick name “Mr. Ready” because he is always ready for any work, mission or challenge. Has never he refused any assignment from higher managers. When taking on any task, regardless of small or big, easy or difficult, he always shows his willingness. If it is within his competence, he will do it best right at the first time. If it is a new one, he will study to perform it with his utmost capability. It is the reason why all leaders and customers trust him. This awesome “Mr. Ready” is one Equipment engineer whose  name is Vu Minh Tuan. He has just won the most honor prize “CTCI Vietnam Best Employee of the Year 2018”. Among many outstanding candidates, he’s a brilliant star showing the brightest shining. He wrote his name in CTCI Vietnam “Golden List” in a convincing victory which satisfied the expectation of all CTCI Vietnam’s members.

Tuan while working for RAPID Package No.1 RFCC at site in Malaysia

The story of 11 years ago

In the bustling atmosphere of the Tet holidays, we had a short conversation with Mr. Ngo Van Duan, one of Tuan’s first senior trainer and heard him share many interesting things about “Mr. Ready”. “During the training period, Tuan always showed his great curiosity about studying new things and “discovered” smart ways to complete all the topics with excellent result. Tuan is very modest, reliable and adaptable. Over many years, his character keeps unchanged”

After two years of working at CTCI Vietnam, Tuan accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experiences. At that time, Equipment Department realized that it was necessary to breakthrough new professional knowledge to satisfy higher requirements from customers. Based on Tuan’s qualifications and potential, Mr. Nguyen Duc Dai – Equipment manager decided to send him to Kaohsiung as the pioneer for rotary equipment on-job training (pumps and compressors). Since then, Tuan keeps participating in many projects including CPC No.6; CPC Alkylation; OPC PTA; CPC-SRU No.10; Lafan Refinery II; Nam Son incineration Plant; RAPID Package No.1 RFCC; …

From a pure engineering designer to an experienced field engineer

In 2016, when RAPID Package No.1 RFCC  needed manpower for the position of a field engineer, once again, Mr. Ready is the first person to raise his hand without any hesitation even knowing that the project might last for 3 years or even more. In the role of a field engineer, Tuan involves in all stages of Static Equipment including installation, pre-commissioning, alignment, solutions for wrong designs, inspection and preparation for start up. When being asked about the difficulties that he faced for the first time taking over the construction work, Tuan sincerely said: “The biggest challenge that made me extremely worried was my junior field experience. I wondered whether or not I could manage the coordination among CTCI leaders, owner or suppliers coming from different countries in the world or how to deal with the long list of technical clarification items that should be aligned in accordance with the international standards. Putting the worries aside, I started to work. Keep going and we will arrive.”

Sweet fruits

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Two years and a half have gone since the first day he put his feet on Malaysia site. From one pure engineering designer, now Tuan has acquired variety of real-life site experiences which play an important role in the development of Equipment Department. Mr. Nguyen Duc Dai shared: “Tuan is the first equipment engineer doing the equipment work at site. The lessons learnt that Tuan accumulated and shared are indeed helpful for other co-workers to avoid errors in designing process.”

New Year of Reunion

One new spring is coming. For Vietnamese people, Traditional Tet is the most important holidays on which expatriates always come back to the hometowns to welcome a new year with their lovers. The homesick feeling arouse in his heart when Tuan recalled the last spring. When everyone enjoyed the happy time with their families, Tuan still “fought” in a faraway “battlefield” due to the project peak stage. He knew his parents, wife and babies were looking forward to seeing him. But the working progress was of utmost priority. His efforts, finally, resulted in the success of the project and the satisfaction of the owner as well as all the leaders who extremely trusted him. Each project Tuan has involved in is a memorable milestone, and  RAPID Package No.1 RFCC  is the most important one because it brought him valuable experiences and great foreign colleagues that are not easy to have. Wishing our “Mr Ready” a warm spring with his family and looking forward to seeing him write a new “Golden Chapter” in the time to come.

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